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  • Chicken Wings 500gm - Meatoo

    Chicken Wings 500gm – Meatoo


    Chicken Wings from LeoOn are freshly cut chicken wings These For spicy food lovers, our Chicken Wings are an absolute treat. All you need to do is sear the wings in a pan or grill them until they turn brown. Order the Chicken Wings from LeoOn and relish a fiery feast at home.

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  • Meatoo chicken curry cut skinned

    Chicken Curry Cut [ 1Kg ]


    Meato chicken curry is a combination of dark and white meat, It (medium) includes two leg cut into two, two wing without tip and two breast quarter with backbone. With a fresh, natural flavor and plump texture, this package includes both bone-in and boneless pieces.

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  • Chicken Biryani Cut – 500gm Meatoo


    Succulent and tender pieces of chicken that have been taken from the breast and leg of the chicken. A mixture of white and dark meat these pieces of chicken are loaded with flavor and deliver mouth-watering goodness with every bite. Juicy and tender they are perfect for every kind of Biryani, from Hyderabadi to Calicut Biryani.

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  • Chicken Thigh - Meatoo

    Chicken Thigh with Bone 1Kg – Meatoo


    Bone-in pieces of chicken thigh which have a moderate firm texture that turn juicy when cooked. Rich in proteins and minerals, this extra-meaty cut is ideal for slow-cooked preparations.

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  • Chicken Mince Keema Meatoo

    Chicken Mince [Keema] -500gm


    Chicken Mince from LeoOn is Chicken breast fillets ground to perfection. This smooth and juicy lean meat is packed with proteins and minerals. Chicken Mince is a versatile meat that can be ideal for making patties, kebabs, keema, or meatballs. Order Chicken Mince online from LeoOn and get the goodness of chicken delivered to your doorstep.

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  • Chicken Curry Cut with Skin – 500gm Meatoo


    Our Chicken Curry Cut with Skin pieces include one leg, one wing without tip, and one breast quarter with backbone. Obtained from pasture-raised healthy chickens, the meat has a rich, juicy flavor with a tender, smooth and moderate-firm texture. Best suited for curries, the package includes both boneless and bone-in curry cut pieces. Order hormone-free Chicken Curry Cut with Skin pieces online and get them delivered fresh at your doorstep.

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  • Chicken Whole Leg

    Chicken Whole Leg -1kg


    Skinless and bone-in, Chicken Leg Whole from LeoOn consists of both, the thigh and drumstick. This cut of the chicken includes dark meat that is rich in flavor and has a moist texture. Packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals, Chicken Leg can be an ideal cut for a wholesome meal. Perfect for slow-cooking, Chicken Leg can also be baked, grilled, or braised. When cooked, Chicken Leg turns juicy and succulent. Buy online from LeoOn and get fresh Chicken Leg delivered at your doorstep.

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